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Lawn Mower Reviews: Know First Before Buying

If you are a certified gardening or landscaping geek, then lawn mowers must probably among the most equipment for you. Apart from being an important companion for gardeners and landscapers, lawn mowers too are important to keep in maintaining a well-groomed lawn. Thus, before going to the gardening supply store near you, you should at least read some lawn mower reviews that help you in making decision on which one to buy.

Reading reviews will not only help you in deciding which lawn mower to buy over the other. It will also enable to be an informed and educated buyer. Reliable review sites will give unbiased and fair judgment in giving their reviews on the basis of facts and at times, personal experience in using the product being reviewed.

Things to consider

But before finding model of lawn mower to buy, you must consider some important things that will likely affect your decision in choosing the right landscaping equipment. By knowing these things or say factors to consider, your search for equipment will become narrower and a lot easier on your part.

Lawn area

Considering your lawn area is probably one of the most important factors that will determine the type of lawn mower that you should buy. The bigger your area, the more advance the equipment you will use it. The area of your lawn will also determine the power capacity of the equipment you should buy. For wider lawns, heavy-duty equipment is advised.


If you will just be using the mower for personal purposes, buying high-end models is impractical. Since you will only be using the equipment very seldom, you might just be wasting resources. But if you?re buying the lawn mower for commercial purposes, this can be considered as an investment and you should get high quality mowers that can withstand long hours and frequent use.

Types of Lawn Mowers

On top of these general point of reference that will help you decide which lawn mower to buy, the next thing that you should consider is the type. Lawn mowers generally come in three types: manual, motorized, and equipment. As mentioned above, considering your lawn?s area and your purpose in buying such equipment will help you decide what type of lawn mower to buy based on reliable lawn mower reviews.


Manual lawn mowers are ideal for residential purposes with basically small lawn to maintain. Manual lawn mowers are also practical considering it does not consume fuel or electricity. If you only need a lawn mower for your personal use, which you will probably use very seldom, might as well go for the manual type.


From the name itself, motorized lawn mowers have motors, which need fuel or gas to power them. Again, if you need a mower for your small lawn, buying a motorized type can be very impractical. But this does not mean that residential homeowners can?t buy motorized type of mower. If you have a wider lawn and you think manual type require a lot of effort and you can afford the motorized type, then go for it.


Obviously, electric lawn mowers need electricity to work. So if there?s a power outage when you decided to groom your lawn, it will be impossible. So from that standpoint, you can see the disadvantage of using electric lawn mower. But electric lawn mowers come in different sub-types and each has its own advantages over the other.

Lawn mowers are good additional to your gardening equipment. If you want to have a clean and well-maintained lawn, you need it to ensure that your lawn won?t be overtaken by invasive grasses.

The Top 5 Perfect Lawn Care Tips

perfect lawn care






Perfect Lawn Care Tips For Any Turf

Every homeowner desires to see a healthy and emerald green lawn that neighbors will covet, but as it turns out it takes more than regular mowing and frequent watering to achieve this, it takes perfect lawn care. A soft and green lawn is not so hard to establish but it requires dedication with regard to mowing, watering, fertilization and pest control. This article comes as a definitive guide, highlighting the perfect lawn care tips that you can execute at home. Here is the insight:

Feed your lawn well

You will need a combination of synthetic and organic fertilizers to keep the lawn healthy. It is essential to understand the nutrients that lawns require most before settling on the types of fertilizers that will fit your turf. Whether you are obsessed with going green or not, therefore, you need a combination of organic and synthetic fertilizers that will release enough nitrogen because this is the nutrient that is needed most. Preferably, alternate slow-release and fast-release fertilizers to help green up your turf.

When it comes to synthetic fertilizers, you will have several options to choose from but ensure that at any given point, your choice has an abundance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. It is also important to note that an excessive amount of nitrogen will cause discoloration, yard burning and too much growth. If you have a green thumb on the other hand, there are several organic lawn fertilizers that you can consider. An organic option may not yield immediate results but in the long run, it will improve the overall quality of your lawn and reduce the need for multiple applications.

Adopt a healthy watering routine

For a green and healthy lawn, there is need to know when and how to water the turf. It is always recommended that you water the lawn early in the morning because the sun’s effect will eventually dry the grass during the day. If you do it late into the evening, there will be prolonged moisture in your lawn, which is a perfect recipe for opportunistic diseases. On the other hand, ensure you apply a sufficient amount of water that will penetrate into deeper layers. However, remember that flooding will destroy your lawn. Most grasses will sail through a dry spell but not flooding. As such, use a rain gauge to determine how much water Mother Nature has provided. If it is enough for a particular type of grass, hold off any watering endeavors.

Mow like an expert

Mowing will not give your lawn the emerald green appearance but it will determine how attractive it looks. Beauty is not all about the color of your turf but rather how well it is cut and maintained. A number of people have tried mowing their lawn too low to save the need for frequent mowing but as it turns out, this will set the ground for certain weeds to take root. As a rule of the thumb, don’t cut more than 1/3 of your grass blade. The quality of mowing also depends on the state of your lawn mower. At any point, ensure this appliance has sharp blades because dull ones will produce a rugged edge and an overall grayish brown appearance. Besides, jagged edges that result from a dull blade will make it difficult for the grass to fight diseases.

Battle the weeds before they emerge 

There is nothing like perfect lawn care without adequate weed control strategies. A good pre-emergent herbicide will help you stop the weeds before they establish any roothold. Some of the weeds that affect lawns are so hard to eliminate unless they are tackled before emerging, a reason why you need such a product to kill their seeds before they sprout in your lawn.

Besides these, there are broadleaf weeds that are not stubborn but they will obviously compete with your grass for water and nutrients. These will be seen in the form of bright yellow dandelion flowers and white-flowering clovers. All these weeds should be tackled immediately they become noticeable. If these offenders are countable, remove them by hand but in case of widespread infestation, apply granular weed control chemicals.

Reseed the sparse sections

It is normal for your lawn to look thin in some sections because your turf will not grow uniformly. However, this is one of the unsightly appearances that you would wish to get rid of. Before the grass grows too high, therefore, reseed during the cool season. Even so, ensure you don’t apply any pre-emergent preventer around the planting time.

In summary, the list of perfect lawn care tips is long but you only need handy options that will help you fight weeds, nurture a green lawn and a uniform-looking turf. With proper seeding, watering and feeding, you will never go wrong with your lawn.




Things to Consider When buying a Motorized Lawn Mower

Without a doubt, lawn mowers have become important equipment for most American households over the past decades. But for those who just bought a properly choosing either an electrical or motorized lawn mower, or perhaps a manual mower is a very difficult decision to make.

But worry no more because there are things that homeowners should look into when deciding which type of mower to get. By considering these points, one can decide which type of mower works best for their needs. Since mowers, especially the motorized and the electric types are all expensive; buying them without even thinking those points is impractical.

Types of motorized mowers

If you?re eyeing to buy a motorized type of lawn mowers, you have several options to choose from. By knowing each type?s pros and cons, as well as to what instances they fit perfectly, it will be easier for you to decide which type of mower to buy.

Rotary push

The rotary push lawn mower is probably the most common type of motorized mower. It is ideal for lawn with long weeds and even dandelions. They are often heavy but in most cases, they come in models with wheels.


The ride-on variant of the motorized mower is one of the most favorite among all types of the motorized mowers. Because the person using the mower can control the mower, it is very easy and convenient to use. Because of its feature, it is ideal for wider lawn areas where it can freely move around without obstructions.


If you want to automate your mowing job but your area has plenty of obstacles that hinder you to move around freely, then the zero-turn type of motorized mower can do the job for you. The zero-turn lawn mower is built to work with a perfect maneuverability and ease of operation.


The tractor type of mowers comes in different variants but the most common of these is the smaller version with a mower mounted in its front area.

When Buying a Manual Lawn Mower, Consider…

Having your own lad to tend to is something that most people are dreaming of, regardless whether they are single or married couple. But having your own land means you need things like Manual lawn mower to keep your area well groomed and maintained.

Over the years, people have become more interested in different types of mowers. There are manual, electronic, and the motorized types. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages over the others. But in this article, we will focus more on manual lawn mower and how it differs from the rest of the other types.

Benefits of manual mowers

When it comes to benefits and advantages, the manual type of lawn mowers have plenty of them. Aside from being an environmentally-friendly equipment, the manual type is also a very practical to use considering there?s no need to use electricity or petrol to power this equipment.

If you?re the type of person who is so concern about the environment in everything you used or consume, the manual mower will work perfectly fine for you. The manual mowers are ideal for residential purposes with small to medium lawn area.

Things to consider

Number of blades

All mowers basically use blades to cut grasses and the manual type comes in a variety of 4, 5, and 7 blades. The mower you choose and the number of blades that comes with it, must be congruent to the type of grass that you want to mow. If you have grasses like the St. Augustine or Bermuda in your area, the 7-blade manual mower is the best option.


Another important aspect in choosing a mower is its width. The wider the width of the mower, the faster you can mow. So if you have a wider lawn area, you might want to get a wider mower. For manual mower, the width would usually range from 14-20 inches. You also want to remember that the wider the mower, the heaver it gets.

How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower Tires

Having a lawn mower means you can groom your lawn without having to do all the labor by yourself, which is a very huge relief for people who have a wide lawn to maintain. But this also means that people have to consider a lot of things like to regularly replace the Lawn mower tires.

Just like having a car, owning a lawn mower entails a rigorous job of maintain the equipment and a regular repair from time to time. These maintenance works are necessary in keeping the equipment working at its best quality and avoid problems that a poor maintenance work may bring.

So if you think that maintaining your equipment is necessary for its performance, you have to take into account that every part of your mower needs maintenance and regular replacing. So let?s start with the most vital parts of the mower.

Check the tires

If you?ve been using your lawn mower for years now but haven?t replaced or at least checked the tire even once, this must be the right time to do check it. For some people, tires may not that important to them. But the truth of the matter is, it is actually one of the most important parts of any vehicle, which of course, includes the lawn mower.

Without a properly working Lawn mower tires, your lawn mower won?t work the way it should. Thus, homeowners who have mowers whether it is the manualf, electric, or the motorized type, should seriously consider the condition of its tires.

The importance of a properly working tires

Tires, especially for mowers, are essential in keeping it works longer and it is also very important to prolong the life of the mower itself. Without a properly working or maintained mower, one cannot do extensive mowing works in a longer period of time.

But on top of the tires, there are other equally important aspects of the lawn mowers that owners should seriously look after.

Why Should You Get an Electric Lawn Mower

Lawn mower can be a very good equipment to buy if you have a wide lawn. Whether you want to buy  an electric lawn mower or whatever,  you should know what are the pros and cons for every type of mower.

Lawn mower comes in three types, the manual, electric, and motorized types. These types are self explanatory as to what their differences are and what performs best against the other. Among the tree types, the electric mower is one of the most preferred by buyers.

For some reasons, people find the electric lawn mower to be very practical and very useful. If your thinking of buying the electric power lawn mower, you should probably know some of the advantages of owning one.

Aside from being a practical choice, the electrically-powered mower has becoming one of the most popular mowers across the country when it comes to share in sales. The increased number of sold units every year is a clear testament that this type is indeed the preferred choice of gardeners and landscapers alike.

More reasons to choose this

As the manual mower is becoming less and less popular considering how tedious it is to use a manual mower under the heat of the sun, its electric counterpart can be conveniently operated without having to  worry about the entire weight of the equipment that you have to pull and push all day long.

Since more and more people prefer electric mower over its other counterparts, this draws a tighter competition on the part of the manufacturers. But a tighter competition means more choices and options for the consumers.

Today, manufacturers of lawn mowers are producing more products than they usually produce a year or two ago. Thus, not only that consumers will have plenty of options to choose from, they can also get high quality of lawn mowers.