Lawn Mower Reviews: Know First Before Buying

If you are a certified gardening or landscaping geek, then lawn mowers must probably among the most equipment for you. Apart from being an important companion for gardeners and landscapers, lawn mowers too are important to keep in maintaining a well-groomed lawn. Thus, before going to the gardening supply store near you, you should at least read some lawn mower reviews that help you in making decision on which one to buy.

Reading reviews will not only help you in deciding which lawn mower to buy over the other. It will also enable to be an informed and educated buyer. Reliable review sites will give unbiased and fair judgment in giving their reviews on the basis of facts and at times, personal experience in using the product being reviewed.

Things to consider

But before finding model of lawn mower to buy, you must consider some important things that will likely affect your decision in choosing the right landscaping equipment. By knowing these things or say factors to consider, your search for equipment will become narrower and a lot easier on your part.

Lawn area

Considering your lawn area is probably one of the most important factors that will determine the type of lawn mower that you should buy. The bigger your area, the more advance the equipment you will use it. The area of your lawn will also determine the power capacity of the equipment you should buy. For wider lawns, heavy-duty equipment is advised.


If you will just be using the mower for personal purposes, buying high-end models is impractical. Since you will only be using the equipment very seldom, you might just be wasting resources. But if you?re buying the lawn mower for commercial purposes, this can be considered as an investment and you should get high quality mowers that can withstand long hours and frequent use.

Types of Lawn Mowers

On top of these general point of reference that will help you decide which lawn mower to buy, the next thing that you should consider is the type. Lawn mowers generally come in three types: manual, motorized, and equipment. As mentioned above, considering your lawn?s area and your purpose in buying such equipment will help you decide what type of lawn mower to buy based on reliable lawn mower reviews.


Manual lawn mowers are ideal for residential purposes with basically small lawn to maintain. Manual lawn mowers are also practical considering it does not consume fuel or electricity. If you only need a lawn mower for your personal use, which you will probably use very seldom, might as well go for the manual type.


From the name itself, motorized lawn mowers have motors, which need fuel or gas to power them. Again, if you need a mower for your small lawn, buying a motorized type can be very impractical. But this does not mean that residential homeowners can?t buy motorized type of mower. If you have a wider lawn and you think manual type require a lot of effort and you can afford the motorized type, then go for it.


Obviously, electric lawn mowers need electricity to work. So if there?s a power outage when you decided to groom your lawn, it will be impossible. So from that standpoint, you can see the disadvantage of using electric lawn mower. But electric lawn mowers come in different sub-types and each has its own advantages over the other.

Lawn mowers are good additional to your gardening equipment. If you want to have a clean and well-maintained lawn, you need it to ensure that your lawn won?t be overtaken by invasive grasses.