The Top 5 Perfect Lawn Care Tips

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Perfect Lawn Care Tips For Any Turf

Every homeowner desires to see a healthy and emerald green lawn that neighbors will covet, but as it turns out it takes more than regular mowing and frequent watering to achieve this, it takes perfect lawn care. A soft and green lawn is not so hard to establish but it requires dedication with regard to mowing, watering, fertilization and pest control. This article comes as a definitive guide, highlighting the perfect lawn care tips that you can execute at home. Here is the insight:

Feed your lawn well

You will need a combination of synthetic and organic fertilizers to keep the lawn healthy. It is essential to understand the nutrients that lawns require most before settling on the types of fertilizers that will fit your turf. Whether you are obsessed with going green or not, therefore, you need a combination of organic and synthetic fertilizers that will release enough nitrogen because this is the nutrient that is needed most. Preferably, alternate slow-release and fast-release fertilizers to help green up your turf.

When it comes to synthetic fertilizers, you will have several options to choose from but ensure that at any given point, your choice has an abundance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. It is also important to note that an excessive amount of nitrogen will cause discoloration, yard burning and too much growth. If you have a green thumb on the other hand, there are several organic lawn fertilizers that you can consider. An organic option may not yield immediate results but in the long run, it will improve the overall quality of your lawn and reduce the need for multiple applications.

Adopt a healthy watering routine

For a green and healthy lawn, there is need to know when and how to water the turf. It is always recommended that you water the lawn early in the morning because the sun’s effect will eventually dry the grass during the day. If you do it late into the evening, there will be prolonged moisture in your lawn, which is a perfect recipe for opportunistic diseases. On the other hand, ensure you apply a sufficient amount of water that will penetrate into deeper layers. However, remember that flooding will destroy your lawn. Most grasses will sail through a dry spell but not flooding. As such, use a rain gauge to determine how much water Mother Nature has provided. If it is enough for a particular type of grass, hold off any watering endeavors.

Mow like an expert

Mowing will not give your lawn the emerald green appearance but it will determine how attractive it looks. Beauty is not all about the color of your turf but rather how well it is cut and maintained. A number of people have tried mowing their lawn too low to save the need for frequent mowing but as it turns out, this will set the ground for certain weeds to take root. As a rule of the thumb, don’t cut more than 1/3 of your grass blade. The quality of mowing also depends on the state of your lawn mower. At any point, ensure this appliance has sharp blades because dull ones will produce a rugged edge and an overall grayish brown appearance. Besides, jagged edges that result from a dull blade will make it difficult for the grass to fight diseases.

Battle the weeds before they emerge 

There is nothing like perfect lawn care without adequate weed control strategies. A good pre-emergent herbicide will help you stop the weeds before they establish any roothold. Some of the weeds that affect lawns are so hard to eliminate unless they are tackled before emerging, a reason why you need such a product to kill their seeds before they sprout in your lawn.

Besides these, there are broadleaf weeds that are not stubborn but they will obviously compete with your grass for water and nutrients. These will be seen in the form of bright yellow dandelion flowers and white-flowering clovers. All these weeds should be tackled immediately they become noticeable. If these offenders are countable, remove them by hand but in case of widespread infestation, apply granular weed control chemicals.

Reseed the sparse sections

It is normal for your lawn to look thin in some sections because your turf will not grow uniformly. However, this is one of the unsightly appearances that you would wish to get rid of. Before the grass grows too high, therefore, reseed during the cool season. Even so, ensure you don’t apply any pre-emergent preventer around the planting time.

In summary, the list of perfect lawn care tips is long but you only need handy options that will help you fight weeds, nurture a green lawn and a uniform-looking turf. With proper seeding, watering and feeding, you will never go wrong with your lawn.